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Management and cost optimisation of telecommunications projects in Endesa

Endesa is one of the leading companies in the Spanish energy sector, with a worldwide presence. Among the many actions it deploys around the world are telecommunications projects. For those who came to Datision.

01. Challenge

The large volume of communication projects to be developed for asset management implies, in addition to engineering work, an enormous administrative burden for the management of materials, labour, certifications, invoices, etc.

This large amount of data to manage implies a loss of productivity on the part of the users, in addition to a high probability of errors, duplicate or unnecessary purchases, having a significant impact on the income statement.

As specialists in BPM (Business Process Management) systems and data analysis, we were asked to establish an advanced control and management process that allows greater control of each of the activities, as well as minimising those that require manual intervention by users.

02. Solution

We defined and established the development of a BPM system based on the current telecommunications project management process. It continuously analyses the data entered by the operators, as well as their execution times.

Through this analysis, the system identifies possible duplicate data or data that can be assisted or automatically entered into the system at another point in the process. This makes it possible to control the materials purchased for each process, their installation or not, as well as the labour required.
The system makes it possible to control projects, particularly at the economic, planning and budget management levels, certification of work carried out and materials received.

03. Current scenario

Currently, it is a system that has been in production for more than 2 years and has enabled a reduction in budget deviations and better management of payments for works.

The following steps should allow the system itself to analyse on a multi-project basis both the works and the materials required. Furthermore, through the use of advanced algorithms, it is able to propose the necessary equipment for the proposed need, taking advantage of the current stock of equipment, thus reducing the necessary investment.

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