Predictive Maintenance and Industry 4.0 in your factory

Harness the full value of the data your factory generates now. Use artificial smart to know in detail what is happening in your plant in real time, to make the right decisions and reduce costs.

The machines in your factory are the
engine of your production, take care of them

Anticipate the needs of your factory, know it to the millimetre.

The application of technologies that turn your factory into Industry 4.0 optimises your resources and saves costs. Having them is a key factor in standing out in your competitive environment.

Our artificial intelligence solutions adapt completely to your factory, controlling the key variables for intelligent, real-time management of your activity.

We use 100% innovative technologies that allow you to know the day-to-day details of your plant, avoiding wastage and carrying out predictive maintenance on your machinery. These technologies are backed by such a prestigious institution as the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica industrial (IRI).

Turn your factory into Industry 4.0

Make data-driven decisions

Optimise your business processes

Anticipate production failures and minimise defectology

Increase your quality standards

Differentiate yourself through innovation

Discover new avenues of income

Cut costs by eliminating the defectiveness of your machinery

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Innovation, prediction and
optimisation for the day-to-day running of the

With artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning, deep learning and artificial vision, we detect the benchmark aspects in the entire production process of your factory.

This analysis helps us to establish predictive maintenance actions that allow us to anticipate failures in machines and systems. In this way, we avoid production stoppages and delivery delays.

We anticipate the appearance of defects in finished and semi-finished products. In this way, we reduce shrinkage and increase productivity.

We improve the quality and profitability of products by analysing them throughout the supply chain, making decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

In a simple way through dashboards, you will be able to control all this information and anticipate any defect or decrease in the production of your factory.

Predictive maintenance

Act before a technical failure forces you to stop production or reduce your output.

Reduction of defects and shrinkage

It makes the best use of all available resources, minimises waste and gains in sustainability.

Quality control

Meet the high demands of your customers and the regulations of your industry.

Business opportunities

Identify new ways to optimise your results through better management of material and human assets.

What you've never been told about
artificial intelligence applied to the
agri-food industry.

We guide you on your journey towards
Industry 4.0

With our work methodology, we make it possible for you to reach different levels of the smart factory depending on your needs. Moreover, thanks to our framework, we do it in the shortest possible time, so you can enjoy all the benefits very soon.

Be aware of what is happening

Based on data collected from various sources, the artificial intelligence system looks for patterns and generates a model that adapts to the situation in the production environment. With it, you will really know what is going on in your factory.

Visualising the future

From the model created, with a subset of data and by putting our algorithms into action, we can predict what will happen in the near future. In this way, you can anticipate and react to the occurrence of faults, fluctuations in demand, etc.

Generating knowledge

It goes a step further in the implementation of Industry 4.0, so that the system itself is able to create new knowledge independently. The latter will come up with ideas for new products, services or ways of solving a particular problem.

Sectors we work with

Any production environment can make the most of artificial intelligence solutions. All manufacturing industries have processes and systems that can be optimised through intelligent analysis of their data.

Furthermore, these solutions can be extended to open environments, as is the case in the agri-food sector, with the management of cultivation areas, and the monitoring of vending machines and street machines for predictive maintenance.

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Success stories

We have supported many different companies in the industrial sector in their transition to the smart factory and Industry 4.0. Different sectors with the same common goal, to give the best of themselves through digitisation. Here are some of those who have already trusted the Datision team.

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