Smart Factory

The Artificial Intelligence solutions you need to achieve the Smart Factory.

Why do you have to evolve to the Smart Factory?

Reaching the smart factory gives it a number of qualities that will make you decide to go for it without hesitation. Among them, you will have your equipment always operational thanks to predictive maintenance, you will reduce shrinkage to a minimum, the quality of your production will reach high levels and you will detect new business opportunities.

Equipment always operational

Minimisation of shrinkage

High quality standards

Identification of new business opportunities

Services for your smart factory

With Industry 4.0 solutions in your plant, process optimisation will become evident in many facets. Here are the most relevant ones.

Predictive maintenance

Know when a machine is going to fail in your factory. Avoids unplanned production stoppages and consequent delays. Plan the repair to have as little impact as possible on your bottom line. This is all thanks to the work of Artificial Intelligence algorithms with the data collected from the equipment.

Reduction of shrinkage

Keep the waste caused by your manufacturing processes as low as possible. It makes the best use of all raw materials. Boost your productivity figures and bring related costs to the lowest possible levels.

Quality control

Optimise your processes for monitoring the main factors related to the quality of your products. It automates controls, eliminates errors resulting from operator eye strain and possible biases due to the human condition. Classify your products in an accurate and agile way. It detects irregularities that are impossible for the human eye to see.

Business opportunities

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are capable of generating new knowledge. What does this mean? Because they are able to recognise new actions to be taken to promote business growth. Based on the data analysed, they identify potential business avenues that would be very difficult to detect were it not for these algorithms.

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