All the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, in the shortest possible time.

Accelerate the achievement of your goals with Artificial Intelligence

Having Artificial Intelligence solutions in your factory does not have to be a long and tedious process where it takes time to start seeing the first results. Once up and running, you will have at your fingertips, in real time, the key data for successful management, how they relate to each other, a clear vision of what the future holds and offer you new ways to achieve your goals.

Quick implementation

Benefits that can be seen in a short time

Know key production data in real time

Anticipate events with predictive capabilities

Discover new strategies to generate value

How to get it

To accelerate this implementation we have a framework consisting of 3 key elements:

Datision Modeller | Datision Predictor | Datision Decision Maker

With their work, you will unlock the full potential of your business data with Artificial Intelligence.

Get the most out of your data. We don’t just help you find out what’s going on and why. In addition to the descriptive analysis and diagnosis of your production situation, we help you to predict what will happen and what are the best actions to obtain the expected results.

Deploy Artificial Intelligence easily

With our framework, you have already taken a big step in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions. With some of its code already “prefabricated”, its adaptation to your industry and its particularities is much faster. You will be months ahead in having these tools 100% operational and, more importantly, their benefits will be realised in the shortest possible time.

Datision Modeller

It studies the relationships between the different variables and creates the operating model. It allows for the analysis and identification of new cause-effect relationships in camouflaged variables within the production process. The system provides a logical model.

Datision Predictor

Based on the model created by Datision Modeller and the data recorded in real time, you will be able to make the best decisions. Why? Because you will be able to predict the result you will get depending on the query parameters you define. Get ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.

Datision Decision Maker

It gives a prescriptive capacity to your business, bringing new knowledge. It will propose new actions to improve historical trends acquired. The proposed actions are not predefined actions, but synthetically generated by the module itself in order to obtain the best expected result.

Every industry is different. That is why
it is clear to us that we must shape a tailor-made solution for you. Which is best suited to you?