Predictive maintenance of street machines

By their very nature, street machines require constant vigilance and care to keep them operational for as long as possible, even in highly complex scenarios and under intensive use.

To achieve this, solutions based on artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance are highly valued, allowing us to anticipate the failure and be more agile in its repair and overhaul. Have we caught your interest?

What is a street machine?

When we talk about street machines, we are referring to equipment that is oriented towards the end customer and, many of them, are located at street level. Therefore, street machines include parking meters, vending machines, coffee machines, cash handling equipment, among many others.

Critical equipment

If they are not operational, they have a high impact on economic activity.

The occurrence of problems in one of them can lead to a critical equipment failure.

High wear and tear

Massive daily use, weather, vandalism and other factors.

Do you want to know more about street machines care?

We have our agenda available for any questions you may have about our solution for this equipment.

How does our predictive maintenance solution
for street machines work?

From the continuous analysis of the data we collect from the equipment, we obtain information on its operation and usage patterns, such as number of cycles completed, detection of incidents and anomalies, and based on each type of equipment, its operating variables such as consumption, temperature, pressure, etc.

In this way, we can generate a model so that artificial intelligence algorithms can define the probability of failure of the component and/or equipment and act accordingly by means of through predictive maintenance actions.

Furthermore, there is no need to install sensors or make any modifications to the machine, but data is retrieved directly from its electronics, PLC or controller.

Your customers, always taken care of

With this solution for street machines, you will always have your products and services available. If you are interested in all the potential that it has or you have doubts about its functionalities, do not think about it when it comes to arranging a meeting with our team.

Why rely on artificial intelligence for
the maintenance of street machines?

  • Increases equipment uptime.
  • Higher repair rates in the first instance, as the operator knows the component to be repaired in advance.
  • Act before the problem occurs and the machine is no longer operational.
  • Increased end-customer satisfaction, avoiding downtime and allowing you to see how your equipment is performing online.
  • Cost reduction, avoiding visits and trips to teams that do not need them.
  • Analysis of business data, making it possible to establish relationships between variables that would otherwise be impossible to identify.
  • Definition of possible new ways of monetisation or improvement, through access to the platform by distributors or end customers.

Where can you apply our
solution for street machines?

Vending machines

Cash handling machines

Coffee machines for the hospitality industry

Parking meters and payment machines in car parks

Leisure machines

Transport ticket vending machines

All electromechanical equipment

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Are you taking the step towards the best possible maintenance for your street machines?

We know this is an important decision, so we want to be with you from the very beginning to make sure you get the results you really want. Get in touch with our team and let’s start shaping it.