Showcase Tracker, AI for counting and analyzing the public that passes in front of your establishment

It combines artificial vision and deep learning to monitor the traffic of people who pass in front of a store, as well as the behavior of those who stop to observe it.

Classify them by age and gender, and recognize the areas of the shop window and the most and least viewed products, with the aim of providing relevant data for business management.

What is Showcase Tracker?

Showcase Tracker is an innovative solution through which, through standard cameras and AI algorithms qthat work with the images provided, you can make a real-time count dof all the people who pass by your angles of vision. Beyond this, it monitors the behavior of those who stop in front of the establishment. For example, you can track which areas of a window display attract the most attention from your audience.

Unique detection of people and faces

Audience Gaze Counting and Tracking

Knowledge of the most attractive products by type of consumer

It only needs standard cameras for its operation

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How does Showcase Tracker?

In short, Showcase Tracker:

  • It counts the people who pass under the range of vision of the cameras.
  • It recognizes the faces of those who are at a sufficient distance, registering aspects such as gender, age and other characteristic features.
  • It univocally follows the faces and the behavior of their gaze.
  • This univocality disappears when leaving the system’s tracking distance, thus complying with the RGPD .
  • Possibility of ilighting with LED the products that generate more interest to each person.

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the solution your business needs?

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Advantages of having
Showcase Tracker

Why should you include Showcase Tracker in your business? What benefits will it bring you and will make you opt for this solution?

Discover the strategies that work best to sell

It allows knowing with certainty which product catalog and spatial distribution of these are more effective

Detailed information segmentation

Capture and conversion data perfectly broken down by age and gender and by days or weeks

100% RGPD friendly

Full compliance with current legislation on data protection

Make your customer find in your store what they really want and need

Allows the customer to be guided towards the products that will most attract their attention

Dashboard to know your business in depth

Transform data for inclusion in easily interpretable, business-oriented dashboards

Why apply
Showcase Tracker in retail?

Showcase Tracker is clearly oriented towards businesses in the retail sector. Above all, for those in which shop windows are a key element for their marketing and sales strategies. Although, it can also be applied to other professional environments.

Know your customers

Showcase Tracker facilitates a deep understanding of customer characteristics and preferences. In this way, it is much easier to design effective actions that drive sales.

Among the data offered are the rates of access to the store, the conversion rate, the most and least attractive products… all segmented by gender and age, and in real time.

Security Distance

Ensuring the safety of customers in closed spaces is increasingly essential. And so one of our Security Distance applications was born, or Safe Distance, thanks to which we can guarantee everyone’s health in spaces where the safety distance between people is not always guaranteed.

Inteligencia artificial para medir la distancia social

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